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Sikka Rymes is being held for questioning in connection with his friend's murder.

Sikka Rymes, Di Gaza Vice President
Sikka Rymes

An associate of Dancehall artist Sikka Rymes was killed yesterday, according to some sources, in a retaliatory killing.

According to unconfirmed reports, Sikka Rymes and two of his friends went to May Pen to buy a car. According to reports, the car sale was a ruse designed to lure Sikka Rymes and his associate to Clarendon, where they were ambushed by unknown individuals.

Police are reportedly questioning the deejay in connection with the incident, which they believe is retaliation for a murder committed months earlier. The cops believe the deejay has information that can help their investigations and have detained him for questioning.

After being shot three times by unknown assailants in December 2019, Javian ‘Sikka Rymes' Chambers was taken to the hospital in severe condition.

Rymes is most known for his several collaborations with jailed Dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel, including Like I'm Superman, Heavyweight, and Skate.


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