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Simple Ways To Enhance Your Grilling Skills

There's nothing better than cooking something delicious for your friends on the barbecue. Find out some simple ways to improve your grilling skills.

Did you know that "barbecue" originates from the word "barbacoa," which originates from indigenous tribes in the Caribbean? It’s no secret that barbecue is a huge staple of Caribbean cuisine. In fact, the technique of cooking meats on wooden structures over fire is a practice that extends across countless cultures. We’ll go over some simple ways you can enhance your own grilling skills.

Choose Your Wood

If you use wood when you’re grilling, you might be missing out on a key opportunity to enhance the flavor of your meat. There are a wide variety of woods that infuse your meats with different smoky essences. Just as you pair certain wines with your meats, you should also pair certain woods with your meat. So before you light up your grill, you should know the best cooking woods for each type of meat.

Dry-Age Meat

Have you ever bitten into a piece of meat that you immediately knew had little to no seasoning on it? There’s nothing more disappointing than a piece of steak with no flavor. While you likely take great care to season your meats, you can expand on that.

One of the simplest ways to enhance your grilling skills is to dry-age your meats. Dry-aging your meats may seem intimidating, but it’s quite easy and offers flavorful payoffs. One of the best cuts to start with is a bone-in prime rib, as the fatty outer layer will help keep your meat from harmful bacterial growth.

Use a Thermometer

Many people don’t utilize a thermometer when cooking meat. Instead, we choose to go with the less reliable measurement of "eyeing it." Many tend to think that thermometers are unnecessary, but that’s incorrect. A meat thermometer will help you attain more precise temperature measurements so that you can ensure your steak has the perfect finish. Moreover, using a thermometer helps keep you from overcooking your meat, which is every griller's worst nightmare.

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