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St Lucia's Government Announces “Vaxxed Mas” Carnival 2022

Carnival 2022 in St Lucia, dubbed "The Vaxxed Mas"
Carnival 2022 in St Lucia, dubbed "The Vaxxed Mas"

The government of St Lucia has announced that Carnival 2022 will take place, but that only vaccinated revelers would be permitted to attend.

Carnival 2022 in St Lucia, dubbed 'The Vaxxed Mas,' is based on authorisation from the Ministry of Health in accordance with established regulations, according to the government in a press statement.

The Vaxxed Mas' goal is to build a bubble around everyone engaged, including the general public and carnival patrons. Vaccination is required for all participants, including revelers, patrons, support workers, and service providers.

The goal of The Vaxxed Mas is to establish a bubble to protect the safety of everyone engaged, including members of the general public and carnival patrons. Everyone taking part, including spectators, patrons, support personnel, and service providers, must be fully vaccinated.

Hon. Dr. Ernest Hilaire, Minister of Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture, and Information, says “As a carnival enthusiast who has been a part of carnival for the past 15 plus years, it is critical that we continue to build on the hard work that was started by persons who have brought carnival to where it is now. We must also ensure that we preserve the public health of Saint Lucia while creating economic activity for our people to benefit from. Carnival is also a major part of our Tourism product which sees thousands of visitors coming to our shores to enjoy our island and its wonderful experiences. Those in the Creative Industries use the Carnival season as one of their avenues to showcase their talents so we must continue to provide that platform to do so. It is even more important now after the almost two-year hiatus.”

To ensure everyone's safety for Carnival 2022, strict protocols and guidelines will be implemented, with additional plans to be announced at a later date. Carnival in St Lucia is traditionally held in the capital city of Castries during the month of July.

Let’s get vaccinated and let’s enjoy the ‘Mas’!


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