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The Caribbean Islands You Can Visit Without COVID-19 Restrictions

As summer 2022 approaches, travelers are looking for summer vacation destinations that do not have COVID-19 entry requirements.

We discovered a few Caribbean destinations for travelers that are open and have no entry requirements.

1. Mexico

Mexico has eliminated all COVID-19 entry requirements, including the passenger locator form, as of December 20, 2021. They became only the second country in the world to eliminate all entry requirements.

Prior to this, Mexico had the world's most lenient COVID-19 restrictions. As a result, it will be the most popular tourist destination in the world in 2020.

Although some COVID-19 restrictions remain in effect, such as mandatory masks indoors in some states, the majority of COVID-19 restrictions have been relaxed.

2. Curaçao

Curaçao is ideal for travelers looking for a relaxing Caribbean vacation. As of March 10, 2022, the island eliminated all COVID-19 entry requirements, including proof of vaccination, testing, and passenger locator forms.

Curaçao has also lifted many internal COVID-19 restrictions, such as social distancing, mandatory masks, and curfews.

3. Aruba

Aruba is eliminating its remaining COVID-19-related travel restrictions, and entry will no longer require a negative coronavirus test or proof of vaccination. Tourists were previously only permitted to enter with a negative coronavirus test, proof of full vaccination, or proof of recovery.

Visitors' insurance is still required, and all visitors must complete an embarkation/disembarkation card prior to arrival.

4. Dominican Republic (DR)

There are no requirements for testing or vaccinations to visit the Dominican Republic. For a summer vacation, this Caribbean island has some of the most relaxed entry requirements and luxurious resorts. Random health screening at entry checkpoints may still take place.

5. U.S. Virgin Islands

Despite being a part of the United States, this island community has its own set of entry requirements. To enter, unvaccinated travelers must have a negative test result. Travelers who are fully vaccinated will not be required to present a negative pre-arrival test result.

6. Puerto Rico

By presenting proof of vaccination, you can avoid the testing requirement. This requirement applies to all visitors who are at least two years old.

7. Anguilla

According to the tourist board, fully-vaccinated passengers 18 and older will no longer need to apply for authorization to enter Anguilla through the online travel portal beginning April 1. Furthermore, visitors who have been vaccinated within six months of their journey or who have had a booster dose will no longer be required to be tested for COVID-19 upon arrival.


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