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The Rise of DJ Roach: A Dominant Force to Reckon With


Behind every great man is a story, mostly of a humble beginning that has propelled them and has also been that driving force to achieve greatness. Garry Roach, musically known as DJ Roach housed under Team Different Flava based in Tollgate Clarendon, is a unique and dominant force to reckon with!

I had the pleasure of attending several events over the years that had this young phenomenal DJ displaying his craft, I can honestly say I was left wanting more. He was enigmatic, comical, vivacious, compelling and these are just a few words to describe DJ Roach in his element. The infectious laughter and cheer from patrons that were enjoying the performance is something to be seen for one’s self. No one in sight looked lost to the music but were all engaging, with hand gesture gun shots! Ladies screaming for more, several monetary compensations to show appreciation, also known as “Money Pull Up” and my favorite, ladies both in the crowd or on stage showing off their dancing skills to DJ Roach's music selection and lyrical contented he spat over the microphone. The audience was left with just a taste of what this multitalented young man can do, as they cheered him on and asked the promoters for more!

Life is not always a bed of roses as many of us can relate to this, however, Garry (DJ Roach) did not surrender to the streets negatively but instead learned a marketable skill to compliment his musical talent. He is also an Auto-Paint Technician and a very skilled one at that. His place of business would be packed with customers wanting his service. They would never complain. As they wait, they are being entertained by video recording of an event Garry “Shelled” that week or days before. The hustle and work never stops for this young man. A meticulous family man and father of 2 are also accolades under his belt that he is very proud of. He and his father were very close and though he lost his dad about a year a go, Garry has never stopped making him proud, not only in life, but I’m sure, even in the afterlife.

Although his age proves Garry young, DJ Roach is fast becoming a young veteran among his peers and is determined to make his mark not only locally and island wide, but also internationally. Roach’s talent stems from having the ability to read his crowd and is huge on interacting with them. He gives them exactly what they want and has never disappointed them. He has always been able to hold his crowd with his infectious personality and zest for living life to the fullest! Music is known as the universal language that brings people together, this is what he accomplishes on every set he plays.

While several posts are online of his performance, it also gives you a glimpse of his talent, it’s when he communicates best, and it’s in that element that it separates him from his other colleagues. He’s a live performer, first, and will be “Shelling” crowds until the very end.

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