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  • Ebooks | caribbeanemagazine

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    Click on icon to view Shop Ebooks Travel Deals Daily Deals 85+ funding opportunities and grants listed by state. How to Make Over $600 a Day as an Affiliate Marketer How to Use Canva to Create Printables and Sell Them on Etsy

  • About Caribbean Entertainment Magazine

    ABOUT US Welcome to - the online entertainment magazine that celebrates the vibrant lifestyle, music, culture, travel, food, fashion, and entertainment of the Caribbean and its diaspora. Since our inception in December 2008, we have grown to become a leading source of news, features, and insights on everything Caribbean. At CEM, we pride ourselves on our ability to showcase inspiring, untapped talent from the Caribbean and beyond. Our monthly digital magazine, which debuted in October 2011, offers a dynamic platform for emerging and established artists, writers, musicians, designers, and cultural influencers to connect with a wider audience. ​ OUR MISSION mission is to provide comprehensive coverage of Caribbean news and culture, making it easily accessible to the global Caribbean community. Join us as we explore the vibrant and diverse cultures of the Caribbean and showcase the region's incredible contributions to the world.

  • Affiliate Marketing Blueprint| caribbeanemagazine

    Affiliate Mastery Blueprint: Transform Your Earnings Today! Uncover the Secrets to Making Over $600 a Day as an Affiliate Marketer Welcome to the Affiliate Mastery Blueprint – your comprehensive guide to unlocking the full potential of affiliate marketing. Whether you're a novice seeking to establish your foothold or a seasoned marketer aiming to elevate your earnings, this course is tailored to your journey. Module 1: Introduction to Affiliate Marketing 1.1 Understanding Affiliate Marketing Definition and Basics Affiliate Marketing Ecosystem 1.2 Setting Realistic Expectations Time and Effort Investment Income Potential Module 2: Traffic Generation Strategies 2.1 Utilizing Social Media Identifying Target Platforms Creating Engaging Content Example Ad Campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) 2.2 Harnessing the Power of AI AI Tools for Content Creation AI-Powered Ad Campaigns Case Studies and Examples Module 3: Common Affiliate Mistakes to Avoid 3.1 Lack of Niche Understanding Choosing the Right Niche Researching Target Audience 3.2 Ignoring Analytics and Tracking Importance of Analytics Tools for Tracking Conversions 3.3 Violating Affiliate Program Terms Common Mistakes Staying Compliant Module 4: Finding Profitable Products 4.1 Researching Affiliate Programs Top Affiliate Marketing Companies Criteria for Selecting Programs 4.2 Evaluating Product Demand Keyword Research Competition Analysis Module 5: The Number 1 Traffic Source 5.1 Deep Dive into Email Marketing Building a Subscriber List Email Campaign Strategies Benefits and Best Practices 5.2 Creating High-Converting Landing Pages Elements of a Landing Page Tools for Landing Page Creation Module 6: Bridge Pages and Their Benefits 6.1 Understanding Bridge Pages Definition and Purpose How Bridge Pages Improve Conversions 6.2 Building a Sample Bridge Page Design Tips Call to Action (CTA) Optimization Module 7: Additional Strategies 7.1 Influencer Collaborations Identifying Influencers Negotiating Partnerships 7.2 SEO Strategies for Affiliate Marketers On-Page and Off-Page Optimization Link Building Techniques Module 8: Scaling Your Affiliate Business 8.1 Automation Tools and Strategies Streamlining Processes Time Management Tips 8.2 Advanced Strategies for Scaling Expanding to New Niches Outsourcing and Delegating Tasks ​ Course Conclusion: Key Takeaways: Profitable Traffic Generation Avoiding Costly Mistakes Product Selection Expertise Domination with Email Marketing Bridge Pages and Persuasion Innovative Strategies for Growth $600 a Day Blueprint Enroll Now and Transform Your Affiliate Marketing Journey! [Purchase Now for Only $5.99 - Limited Time Offer] Once payment is made you will receive your access code

  • Advertise With Us | Washington DC | Caribbean Entertainment Magazine

    MEDIA KIT About Caribbean E-Magazine Caribbean E-Magazine is a digital publication dedicated to sharing stories, news, and insights from across the Caribbean region. We cover a wide range of topics, including travel, culture, food, music, and more. ​ Our Audience Our readers are diverse and passionate about the Caribbean. They come to Caribbean E-Magazine to learn about the latest trends, discover new destinations, and connect with the region's culture and heritage. Our audience is primarily located in the United States, Europe, Canada, and the Caribbean. ​ Website Traffic Monthly Unique Visitors: 55,000+ Monthly Page Views: 60,000+ ​ ​ Advertising Opportunities Caribbean E-Magazine offers a variety of advertising opportunities to reach our engaged audience, including: Display Advertising: Reach our audience with banner ads placed throughout our website. Sponsored Content: Publish branded content on Caribbean E-Magazine to showcase your products or services. Social Media Promotion: Promote your brand through our social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Newsletter Advertising: Reach our subscribers through our weekly newsletter. ​ CONTACT For purchases or more information Email: ​ ​ Thank you for considering Caribbean E-Magazine as a platform to reach your audience. We look forward to working with you! ​ WEBSITE RATES offers various online advertising opportunities to businesses and individuals who like to promote their product. is a growing online magazine with niche in entertainment, fashion and lifestyle, to a wide spectrum of different reader of all ages. We are at a tremendous growth after only started a year. We are looking forward to established long term relationship with all our sponsors. Ad placements are available for purchase at a flat (per month) rate - with discounts available for multi-month purchases. Supported Ad Units are images in GIF, JPEG, or PNG formats. Top Banner Leaderhead - 728 x 90 - $100 per month Sides Banner - 250 x 250 - Square - $80 per month Bottom Banner - 728 x 90 – Horizontal - $60 per month ​ ​ ​ Promotional Post ​ First article (two links ONLY) $50 Two or more post (2 links only) $40 ​ Sponsorship Rate ​ Bronze Package: Includes 1 sponsored post and basic social media promote with one link on Facebook and Twitter – $150 Silver Package: Includes everything from the Bronze package, plus pin to the top of the Facebook page for and 3 group boards ($150 value!), 1 promotion for the post on Instagram ($100 value!) – $250 Gold Package: Includes everything from the Silver package, plus 2 addition promotions each on Facebook and Twitter over the course of the week ($100 value!), inclusion in our weekly email newsletter ($200 value!), and an ad on our sidebar for 1 week ($200 value!) – $500 Digital Magazine Our Digital Issues are placed on, and Publications, with over a combine total of 130, 000 views per month. See our digital issues here Full Page: $400 – Per Issue 9 1/4” x 11 1/8” 1/2 Page: $250 – Per Issue 1/2 HORIZONTAL - 9 1/4” x 5 1/2" 1/2 VERTICAL - 4 5/8” x 11 1/8” 1/3 Vertical page: $175 - Issue 3 1/8” x 11 1/8” ADVERTISING TERMS & CONDITIONS 1. The Advertiser agrees to pay the amount of invoices rendered by Publisher within the time specified on the invoice. 2. Advertisements in other-than-standard sizes are subject to Publisher’s approval. 3. All cancellations must be in writing. ​

  • Jobs |Washington DC | Caribbean Entertainment Magazine

    WORK WITH US Intern Content Magazine Writers Caribbean Entertainment Magazine is looking for intern writers and contributors to build their portfolio and professional writing experience. Possible assignments include daily entertainment news, interviewing, fashion and beauty writing, lifestyle and culture, love and relationship, local area activities (Caribbean and diaspora) upcoming events and anything else pertaining to the uniqueness of the city and what it has to offer. Articles will be on our daily blog and our digital monthly magazine. Note that this is an unpaid position that offers writers with an opportunity to gain excellent writing experience. Check out our website to get an idea of who we are and what we are looking for. - Knowledge of English grammar, punctuation, spelling, usage Required Qualifications: and style - Commitment to assignments and deadlines - Passion for writing and telling an intriguing story

  • Caribbean Entertainment Magazine

    Contact Us For any questions you have, you can reach me here: Name * Email * Subject Message Your details were sent successfully! Send

  • Plans & Pricing | caribbeanemagazine

    Choisissez votre formule One-Time Payment $US 3,99 3,99$US Valable 10 ans Sélectionner Includes "How to Buy a House With No Downpayment or Money Do One Time Plan $US 1,99 1,99$US Access all business opportunities and resources to elevate your entrepreneurial journey Valable 10 ans Sélectionner Includes "10 Essential Tips for Achieving Success in Busines Premium Members $US 4,99 4,99$US Tous les mois Featuring cutting-edge business tips, stock market tips and more! Sélectionner Includes "10 Essential Tips for Achieving Success in Busines

  • Our Staff | caribbeanemagazine

    Meet Our Staff Janet Lorrain e Miller Editor-in-Chief Janet “Lorraine” Miller has been the Editor-in-Chief of CEM since its inception in March 2009. She is a writer as well as an editor. She is also a pageant judge and a media consultant for SOFMO Entertainment Talent & Management Company.-- Yolanda Hanna Edit or ​ Yolanda Hanna, a Bahamian Radio Personality, Host, Publicist, and Writer from Freeport, Grand Bahama. With a passion for storytelling, she honed her writing skills while studying Mathematics and Statistics at The College of The Bahamas. Yolanda's love for words and her dedication to promoting Music, Art, and Culture led her to a career in Radio Broadcasting. As a Publicist and Booking Agent, she has worked with Recording Artists in The Bahamas, weaving together the stories of the Bahamian people through her expressive writing. Contributors Baz Dreisinger Jeuel Green-Thompson Shanteeca Reid Laura Chapman Alexandra Tatis Marissa Dookeran Shenea Pia Jordine ​

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    Downloads 85+ Funding Opportunities and Grants Listed By State. DOWNLOAD

  • Business 101 | caribbeanemagazine

    BUSINESS Stay ahead with our comprehensive resources, and inspiration tailored for ambitious entrepreneurs and established businesses alike. Aucun post publié dans cette langue actuellement Dès que de nouveaux posts seront publiés, vous les verrez ici.

  • Health |Caribbean | Caribbean Entertainment Magazine

    HEALTH Aucun post publié dans cette langue actuellement Dès que de nouveaux posts seront publiés, vous les verrez ici.

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