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Fantasy kicks off T&T Carnival 2015

P.O.S. Trinidad (Sonique Solutions) – After 2 successful editions, Trinidad and Tobago Carnival mas band Fantasy pulled out all the stops for the first major fete of the 2015 season entitled, “Blockbuster Saturday”.

Fantasy, which has carved its own niche in the carnival market, has become a top mas/event player in the eyes of many Carnival enthusiasts and industry experts.

The entity has not only produced an in demand costume band and an extremely popular J’ouvert band but also a string a highly patronized Carnival events.

Blockbuster Saturday started off the Carnival 2015 festivities with major impact.

Monk Monte aka Machel Montano keeps the fete pumping.jpg

The cooler fete attracted audiences from all over T&T who came out in their numbers to get a taste of the season’s offerings, to satisfy their insatiable appetites for Soca music and to experience the first 2015 performance of reigning Soca Monarch/Road Champion Machel Montano.

Machel who is currently filming the Bollywood film ‘Scandalous’ brought the true Blockbuster vibe to the event with an amazing onstage entrance performing the runaway hit ‘Like A Boss’. The Soca mega-star who for 2015 is going by the sobriquet Monk Monte, delivered an onslaught of his C2K15 songs such as ‘The Remedy’, ‘Endless Wuk’, ‘Getting On Bad’ and ‘Pop Ah Bottle’.

The ladies came out to party at Fantasy's Blockbuster.jpg

The Queen’s Park Oval erupted with glee to the one of a kind full band performance by Montano who unleashed several of his past Carnival hits e.g. ‘Haunted’, ‘Epic’, ‘The Fog’, ‘Ministry of Road’ and ‘Band of the Year’ much to desire of the appreciative audience.

Machel was joined onstage by long time band member Framer Nappy who sang the ever popular ‘Big People Party’ as well as his new smash ‘My House’.

A high tech, stilt walker illumines the Fantasy 'Blockbuster' atmosphere.jpg

Packed coolers, pulsating Soca music and high calibre performances made for an incredible event to jumpstart the Carnival atmosphere.

By all accounts, the Fantasy team delivered a successful event and in many ways set the pace for a memorable 2015 season.

As the band prepares for Carnival Monday and Tuesday with its presentation entitled “Blockbuster” it is quite evident that Fantasy is geared to dominate its way into next year’s festival with a unique, high quality brand of entertainment.

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