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It Feels So Right for Soulful Genre Fluid Recording Artist K'Coneil

Racking up such accolades as peaking at #10 on the reggae iTunes album charts, and charting on billboard, soulful recording artist K'Coneil debut EP "Love/Lust" has surpassed many expectations for a debut EP of a rising star. After the success of his lead single "Hot Like You", K'Coneil euphoric feeling translated in the follow up track of what is destined by industry insiders to be his breakthrough hit "Feel So Right". Produced by Calli B and co-written by K'Coneil, Wildfire Music and DJ Calli B, the team has created the perfect blend of soul, dancehall, pop and R&B, added some melodic vocals in the mix and topped it off with a hint of passionate and catchy lyrics.

As previously explained by K'Coneil to the media, "LoveLust is a collection of 7 #songs that seek to straddle the thin line between two very complex emotions." Thus the laid-back composition celebrates those passions at hand with a poetic hook and catchy vibe while reminding listeners of the euphoric side of Love and Lust "I wanted to make a feel good song that spoke about a relationship that just felt great and didn't require any effort it was just easy and natural; all the stars aligned and it's just a perfect match the "match made in heaven" relationship."- K'Coneil To support the hit bound single, K'Coneil recently filmed the "Feel So Right" video on location at world famous landmarks Coney Island and Time Square in New York. The video is slated to release in a few weeks.

"Love/Lust" EP executive produced by famed producer Sean Reid and Warren Bloise of Gedion Soldiers Entertainment. The EP features "Hot Like You" (Seannizle), "Not This Time" (Kheilstone). "Loving You Right" and "Spoon" (Okino "DJ Wav" Thomas and Sean "Seanizzle" Reid), "Feel So Right" (Calli B), "Bicycle" (Tricia "ZJ Sparks & Germaine "Mafy" Clarke to "Lightskin Love" (Sean "Seanizzle" Reid). LOVE/LUST available worldwide! Amazon Itunes Explicit Itunes Radio Friendly

K'Coneil and Calli B on set - Coney Island NY

K'Coneil and actress/model on set - Coney Island NY

K'Coneil and famed Danca Family on set - Coney Island NY

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