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Bob Marley Lost Master Tapes Restored after 40 years

Lost recordings by Bob Marley found in a damp hotel basement in London after more than 40 years have been restored.

The 13 reel-to-reel analog master tapes were found in boxes under a hotel where Bob Marley and the Wailers stayed during their European tours in the ‘70s but were initially believed to be unplayable, largely due to serious water damage.

They were at first believed to be ruined beyond repair, largely because of water damage. Tracks include No Woman No Cry, Jamming and Exodus.

The concerts were recorded on the only mobile 24 track studio vehicle available in Britain at the time, loaned out to Bob Marley and the Wailers by The Rolling Stones.

They were discovered when Joe Gatt, a Marley fan and London businessman, took a phone call from a friend, who had found them while doing a building refuse clearance.

Of the 13 tapes discovered, 10 have been restored, two were blank and one was too damaged.

Marley, who died in 1981, would have been 72 on Monday ( Feb 6th)

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