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BLU LYON Drops new music

Reggae, rap, and dancehall artist Blu Lyon is a little bit of roots and lot of new school fusion. From making some modern day beats to layer over the reggae, to throwing in some sensual stuff to show off his sensitive side, or including few tracks that are super hot for dancing this artist shows control and creativity with his brand of versatility. His musical influences were initially drawn from years living in New York City and long spans of time spent in the Caribbean with elders of his family as he is of Trinidadian descent. In his late teens, he began honing in on his talent as a performer and eventually tapped into a skill set that launched his artistry.

He was back in NYC when found the joy of mixing various elements of music to create something at a larger scale, the very thing that spurred his interest in pursuing a degree with a concentration in music business. College became a platform for so much more than academia; he formed a rap group that made some waves with execs and released a reggae track that went viral on YouTube.

Blu’s single 'Link Up' now has a music video to complement it which is planned for release shortly and he is currently finishing up working on isolated projects including some acting roles.

Listen to SUMMA HAAT - Blu Lyon by Blu Lyon #np on #SoundCloud

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