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Get to Know Rising Dancehall Artist Tactikal

Ossan McKenzie received his musical calling at the age of 13, but his true calling came after entering a popular national talent show called Magnum Kings and Queens; it was then, that Tactikal was born!

Even though he didn’t win the competition, Tactikal used the exposure he got from the show to fulfill his dream. Tactikal said “This was only the beginning. The journey did not stop there for me. I gained great knowledge just from being there. I took what I learned and continued to perfect my skills and grow in my music. I will always cherish the opportunity that I was given to showcase my talent on such a great stage."

After meeting his mentor, artist/engineer Neutron Obliv, who helped him perfect and hone his craft, which also resulted in early recordings which garnered airplay on the radio and created a buzz in the ears of Jamaica. From performing alongside artists like Alkaline and Kalado, to a hit single with a popular Mexican star, Tactikal was featured in a Dancehall Documentary for one of Korea’s biggest networks, KBS Broadcasting who journeyed to Jamaica from Seoul, Korea. This highlight translated into major exposure for the rising artist.

Having worked with talented and renowned producers, he is steadily building an impressive discography, from social media, to online exposure, with prolific lyrics and a distinctive style, Tacktical gained fans worldwide.

"I know that my mom is watching over me. I consider her my guardian angel and my driving force for Team Tactical as we move forward in my dream to become one of Jamaica's most prominent entertainers. Through her I am able to bring this dream to fruition." – Tactikal


In this Two Part Video, we got the chance to chat with Tacktical, from how he go his name, his significant accomplishment to how he wants to be remembered.



Follow Tacktical:

Facebook: @tactikalmusic

Instagram: tactikalmusic

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