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These phrases not only flooded social media timelines on every outlet, everywhere; but, was on all breaking news channels around the world. With well wishes from Caribbean region artists and strangers around the globe, the 37- square mile island paradise (governed by both France and The Netherlands) SAINT MARTIN/ST. MAARTEN; who has hosted billions of people for vacation and home to thousands of different ethnicities around the world was destroyed within 12-hours in the after math of ‘MONSTER STORM’ Hurricane Irma. On the same week of the 22nd anniversary of the first largest hurricane to hit the island; Hurricane Luis in 1995, had the prayers and tears of St. Maarteners not just living on the island but, all over the world. Knowing the damage that a Category 5 storm can do to the quaint landmass, was not only a devastating reality but, a painful and deadly DE JA’VU of the events in 1995. According to reports, there was approximately 10 BILLION dollars of damage done to the effected islands with, St. Maarten/ St.Martin’s contributing a little over 5 BILLION dollars to the number of losses alongside of course with the now “uninhabitable’ BARBUDA and, neighboring island of ANGUILLA falling in place after with about 300 million each. With the evacuation of Barbuda to their sister island of Antigua and, the strong response of the AMERICAN RED CROSS and, American government assisting the United States Virgin Islands is a tremendous blessing. However, in SXM the amount of homeless and clothes-less families and currently are thousands, looting is occurring in desperate search of limited food and water. it is imperative that the Caribbean community around the world; along with the little help from the French and Dutch governments in Europe, come together and help the immediate and long term aid of the aftermath of hurricane Irma that has completely annihilated very small yet, very strong island. With the overwhelming cries for help via social media from the citizens of SXM amid the rising death and missing Monetary aid and Physical Donations in form of the following items: Infants to Elderly Onesies Milk Pampers Formula Wipes Cloth Diapers Strollers Car Seats Shoes/Socks/Undergarments Nail clippers Lotions Powders Bottled Water All Non-Perishable Goods Clothes from ALL SEASONS/ ALL SIZES -SWEATERS -TANK TOPS -JEANS -LEGGINGS -VESTS/JACKETS -SKIRTS/DRESSES Fem. Hygiene products Male grooming products Candels Batteries Flashlights Bug spray Blankets Towels/Wash Rags Plastic Plate/Cutware Flip Flops Toothpaste/Brushes Boxed Juices Hats Pens Pencils Notebooks Air Fresheners Paper towel/Tissue Umbrellas Blow up beds/Cots Cots Shampoo/Soap/Conditioners Rainboots RainCoats Fans Light Bulbs Power Tools Portable Tables/Chairs Radios Couches Beds... Etc. are needed and can be dropped off at the following locations: USA STATES 1. NYC- BROOKLYN: DUTTY ROC RADIO – 108 WYONA ROAD; BROOKLYN, NEW YORK 11201 2. NYC- QUEENS/LONG ISLAND: MISS JOY – 1042 MIDLAND ST; UNIONDALE, 11553 (MORE QUEENS LOCATIONS TBA) 3. NYC- BRONX: DAVONE SALON – 1575 BATHGATE ROAD; BRONX, 10456 4. ATLANTA,GEORGIA- STATION VICTORIOUS 89.1 FM 5. WASHINGTON D.C. & MARYLAND- 6. CONNECTICUT- TBA THIS FRIDAY 7. NEW JERSEY- 195 Virginia st, hillside NJ 07205 8. TEXAS- 1033 LA POSADA SUITE: 230; AUSTIN, TEXAS 78752 9. BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS- Oasis Cafe, 630 Hyde Park Ave, Roselindale, MA CALL: Lisa at 929.428.2481. to coordinate pick-up times and, mark all item and boxes: IN THE NETHERLANDS: Contact - Bruce Sylvester +1 721-556-5295 +1 508-748-3128

+31 641-849-422 IN CANADA: Contact- Melissa R. +1 416-802-6414

M.A.Y GLOBAL COMMUNITY CHARITIES: VILLAGE LIFE SXM RELIEF For more information please check out the following websites:


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