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'Breezy' Christmas For Aidonia and Govana

Though they have no professional expertise in meteorology, 4th Genna recording artistes Aidonia and Govana have issued an advisory to the entertainment fraternity to expect some strong 'Breeze' this Christmas. The forewarning comes in the wake of a whirlwind performance at the finale of UWI Integration Thursdays bolstered by their newly released single 'Breeze', a collaborative effort that has taken the FM airwaves and social scene by storm. Produced on the 4th Genna Music/J.O.P imprint the hypermasculinized track has been dubbed a solid follow-up to their 2012 effort 'Run Road' with its jocular groove and overkill of witty lyricism. Currently saturating the space with tracks like Fire, Yeah Yeah, Hot Tool, Gyal Clown, Shallow Grung and Loco both deejays says this is something the fans have been requesting for some time now. "As you know Aidonia and I did 'Run Road' in 2012 and that went to No.1 on various charts for several weeks. Since then the fans have been requesting more collabs from the camp but nothing happens before the right time. I was using that time to learn the business and hone my skills. So now we link up again___ it's going to be a 'Breezy' Christmas." - a seemingly jocund Govana explained.

Aidonia and Govana Performance at Magnum Integration Thursdays Finale (UWI)

"Right now we just let the music do all the talking__ how the Christmas look? 'Breezy" - Aidonia added. Though not clairvoyant, Govana says based on current trends he forecast the song will do very well over the festive season and advise fans to look out for a lot more audio and visuals from the camp in the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, Aidonia continues work on his debut album while Govana is focused on his upcoming EP, both projects are slated for release next year.

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