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Bugle and Wayne Marshall Tackles 'Social Media'

Coming on the heels of 'Spontaneous', his newly released 40-track mixtape featuring An9ted Entertainment affiliates Alexx A-Game and Samboni, Reggae Luminary Bugle has now turned his attention to the 'Social Media' scene. Known for his prolific writing skills and thought-provoking compositions, the 'Cherish Life' hitmaker has joined forces with fellow entertainer Wayne Marshall to tackle the pandemic trends of 'Social Media' in a song of the same name. Produced on the Marley-owned Ghetto Youths International imprint 'Social Media' addresses a number of topical issues including the advantages and disbenefits associated with the popular platform. In a recent tabloid interview, Marshall, now working on his upcoming album said the idea came to him one night during his slumber. “I had the melody and I was 'vibing' the tune on my guitar. I went to bed and dreamt about it, and in that dream, I spoke to Bugle and I said 'we need to do this song'. When I woke up I shared it with my wife Tami. I called Bugle and he said to link him. I went to his studio and we had a prayer and then went into the recording booth,” Marshall explained.

Bugle also corroborated the series of events citing that how the project came about was almost superlunary.

"Many times we see things happen in life and we wonder why, but it's just divine works so you don't even try to question it most times and I think this song is one of those instances." - Bugle added. Despite not officially released the song has been making quite an impact on the airwaves and is steadily finding its way onto the playlist of numerous top-tier disc jocks across the diaspora. "The feedback has been tremendous and it seems to resonate well with the people because in this era of technology, a lot of people are not social but they love the media." - Bugle intimated. Meanwhile, with a full roster for the Yuletide season, the Bugle is expected to depart the island in the weeks ahead for an assignment in Guyana.

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