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The Famed World Clash Turns 20

New York, New York -- February 2018 -- Sound clash's premiere competition is celebrating 20 years at the top! The flagship Irish and Chin event has thrived as the super bowl of sound clash, exposing a vibrant element of Jamaican music and culture to audiences across the world since it's launch in 1998.

Starting with humble beginnings as a platform to revive New York's fading clash scene, the epic event grew in demand and catapulted to maximum visibility, scoring clashes in Jamaica, Canada and Antigua. Grabbing the attention of clash fans and dancehall lovers world wide, World Clash continues to make an indelible mark on the masses.

Much to it's credit, World Clash has featured most, if not all, of the industry's biggest names in sound clash. The coveted event's popularity amongst talent and fans, clout and international dominance has certified the World Clash title as the most valuable award in sound clash history -- even bigger than that of corporate staged clashes of late.

Rivaling World Clash's historical line ups are the impressive cohort of artists and radio personalities that have hosted the renowned clash. Whether it's artists like Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Ninja Man and Elephant Man or the event's producer Chin and radio personalities Jabba, Ragashanti, Squeeze or Dub Master, World Clash has always captivated the attention of massive audiences.

Reigning as the world's most revered sound clash, World Clash has been featured in publications like New York Daily News, Rolling Out Magazine, Billboard, Time Out New York, Jamaica Observer, The Voice, BBC 1xtra, Vision Newspaper, The Gleaner, Blaze Magazine and scores of reputable international media outlets. In the midst of changing times, World Clash has solidified it's brand, reinventing the format of the competition and presenting new and fresh talent.

At 20, the famed World Clash shows no signs of slowing down. As you read this, preliminary Rumble Series clashes are being staged around the globe in

search of worthy contenders for the 20th Anniversary edition. Follow us on the exciting "Road to World Clash 20" by logging on to

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