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Meet Trinidad based female artiste Arielle

Arielle knew she had talent from an early age but was always too shy to pursue singing seriously. However, this all changed when a close friend gave her some words of wisdom and encouraged her to face her fears with an audition for a musical in 2015. As Arielle set foot into the audition, it was love at first song and she never looked back.

In less than two years, Arielle Alexa has starred in large concerts, theatrical plays, live studio recordings and advertising campaigns, just to name a few of her many accomplishments over her short but impactful time since that 2015 audition. Some of her more remarkable performances in the past year include Sunset Festival, Diner en Blanc and The Big 5 Concert where she performed alongside BP Renegades Steel Orchestra.

However, Arie, as she is commonly known, is much more than an entertainer, she is a socially responsible individual that sees herself as an agent of social change and transformation. In that context, Arie uses her talent to make a difference in communities where it matters most, her music being an extension of her labour of love, personal identity and brand. In the past couple months, Arie has focused on charitable work joining the causes of the “Anti- Bullying Campaign”, The Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society and The Down Syndrome Family Network. Her heart is touched by children. So much so, that in the music video for her latest release “Feeling” she teams up with the children of St. Francois Valley Rd., Belmont, the Boys Scouts and Elle Dance Company taking the viewers on a happy, heart-touching ride through the Belmont community all the way up to a rooftop overlooking the Savannah.

Arie is now positioning herself to take her career to the next level working with Some of Jamaica’s biggest and brightest in the dancehall market ,international promoters, regional and international events. Arielle Alexa distinguishes herself with her indescribable and mesmerizing aura, benevolent character and positive personality that is undeniable. Coupled with her soulful sound, versatility and star quality, Arielle Alexa is poised to take the world by storm and she has the resolve, vision, and voice to do so!

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