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Antigua Sailing Week: Tarrus Riley, DJ Private Ryan and DJ Puffy rock Nelson's dockyard

Over 3000 fans danced the night away as international reggae star, Tarrus Riley sang his way into their hearts with his classic tunes 'She's Royal'; 'Gimme Likkle One Drop' as well as a selection of new tracks. For 90 minutes, party goers swayed and sang along as he entertained fans and crew members at the ninth Reggae in the Park.

Riley's message of love and self-respect resonated with the throng dancing under the stars and proved the right antidote after three days of racing.

Local bands Spirited and the Strays warmed up the crowd with a blend of reggae, while DJ Private Ryan and DJ Puffy kept the music tempo just right.

Alison Sly- Adams, Antigua Sailing Week Commercial Director said that the night was a success: "We are very happy with the how well the evening went and it's great to receive excellent feedback about the INET Lookout Experience. Special thank you to all our sponsors, our team of volunteers, the National Park staff, the media and of course the artists, who all played their part in making this one of our best Reggae in the Park concerts. "

Sly-Adams added that many of the patrons took advantage of the park and ride as well as shuttles: "Every year we are finding that our patrons are arriving earlier and earlier, which really helps us to create a positive vibe. We also have to thank the Antigua and Barbuda Royal Police for ensuring that traffic flowed well. We are also very thankful for the excellent support we received from the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force, security teams and EMS (Emergency Medical Services).

The Bus association also worked with us to provide buses for the park and ride and shuttle services from St. John's to English Harbour."

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