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Meet Newly Appointed Executive Chef Max Chiomento of Nikki Beach Barbados

Chef Max Chiomento of  Nikki Beach Barbados
Chef Max Chiomento

Global luxury lifestyle and hospitality brand Nikki Beach is pleased to welcome newly appointed Executive Chef Massimiliano (Max) Chiomento to Nikki Beach Barbados in time for the reopening of their second season. A renowned industry veteran, Chef Max brings over twenty-five years of culinary experience and fervent passion to his new role at Nikki Beach Barbados. Hailing most recently from the Atlantis hotel in Nassau, Bahamas, Chef Max brings with him a cultural mix of Italian heritage and global culinary experience.

Born and raised in Italy, though with Bajan roots, Chef Max is pleased to introduce Nikki Beach Barbados’ latest lunch and dinner menus. Both menus seamlessly blend Nikki Beach culinary classics with vibrant local flavours and a hint of Italian flare, all perfectly paired with world-renowned Nikki Beach Mojitos and other signature drinks.

Nikki Beach Barbados is thrilled to welcome Chef Max, whose experience cooking as a private chef for dignitaries such as the affluent English family at Fustic House, as well as to American families around the world, clearly highlights his ability to adapt to a diverse range of preferences, a skill that is continually favoured as tourism on the Platinum Coast continues to grow.


“COU COU” FLYFISH by Max Chiomento

This dish pairs non traditional Mediterranean ingredients and locally grown favourites.

Local fried flyfish | panko coating | grilled okra | cornmeal | red pepper sauce | yellow pepper sauce | cherry tomato | red onion


  • 2 flying fish

  • 1 okra

  • 100 gr red peppers

  • 100 gr yellow peppers

  • 50 gr red onions

  • 50 gr cherry tomatoes

  • 100ml white wine

  • 1 clove of garlic

  • 100ml milk

  • 25 gr Parmesan cheese

  • 25 gr butter

  • 100 ml olive oil

  • 30 gr cornmeal

  • 50 gr breadcrumb panko

  • 1 egg

  • salt and pepper


  • Marinate the flying fish with bajan seasoning, then egg wash and panko, pan fry in olive oil.

  • Whisk in the hot milk, the cornmeal, season and add butter and parmesan cheese.

  • Sauté the peppers, cherry tomatoes and red onions in olive oil.

  • Blanche the okra in hot water for one minute, cool in ice, drizzle with olive oil and mark it on the hot grill.

  • Prepare the two sauces separate with yellow peppers and red peppers to obtain a vibrant color.

  • Place the Cou Cou in the middle of the plate using an oiled ring.

  • Stack the two flying fish on top, add the pepper and okras.

  • Pour the two sauces on both sides of the plate to create a color contrast.


About Nikki Beach Barbados

Opened in December 2017, the globally recognised unique beach club concept features a restaurant and pool with oceanfront seating for up to 200 guests. Guest amenities include a swim-up octagon wet bar, oversized luxury pool beds and VIP cabanas, valet service, seven catamaran-like lounges jutting out over the ocean, yacht dockage, water shuttle, ample parking, showers and changing rooms. Diners enjoy Nikki Beach’s globally-inspired cuisine and signature sushi boats, dishes with local flair, fresh fish and seafood, an on-site rotisserie and our world famous Nikki Beach Mojito.

Experience the top entertainment with Nikki Beach’s prominent music program featuring resident DJs, an in-house saxophonist, percussionist and violinist and over 50 speakers, which keep the property jamming.


Nikki Beach Barbados Port Ferdinand Retreat Saint Peter, Barbados

Phone +1 (246) 436 4554

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