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Sound Chat TV 'Rocks' Jamrock Cruise.

Maxi Priest
Maxi Priest

New York, New York — December 2018 — The high seas were chock full of electrifying Reggae and Dancehall performances, activities and culturally relevant events during the 5th Annual Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise, December 1-6, 2018, but beyond the in-your-face entertainment was a whole separate world of amazing television programming.

Capturing the attention of thousands on the famed cruise was Irish and Chin's Sound Chat TV, an explosive, entertaining and informative show dedicated to the ever-so fascinating sound system culture, the epicenter of not just Reggae and Dancehall but Jamaican music overall. Cruisers were treated to a sneak preview of the popular show's upcoming season, which features more than 15 exciting interviews with the the who's who, influencers, and best kept secrets of Reggae, Dancehall and sound system culture, including Josey Wales, Ninja Man, Shabba Ranks, Coca Tea, Maxi Priest, Bobby Digital and King Jammy to name just a sample.

By all accounts, Sound Chat TV was the rave of the cruise, often keeping travelers glued to their TVs for hours each day. The interviews, innovatively curated by host and producer Garfield "Chin" Bourne of Irish and Chin, unearthed classic stories, little known facts and nuances about sound system culture, Jamaica's pulsating heartbeat. Guests disclosed a wealth of information on sound system culture's cultivation of Reggae's top stars, the journey from dubplate to hit song, differences between dubs/customs/specials/versions, top rivalries and renowned clashes. Additionally, the roles on the sound system, meanings behind the lyrics/ catch phrases/sound effects and of course, sound system culture's birth of Hip Hop were also blazing hot topics.

"It's such a joy to travel the world to get stories from sound system culture icons and hidden gems," says Garfield "Chin" Bourne of Irish and Chin. "I am thrilled that Sound Chat TV was a hit for a third year on the cruise....offering music lovers a fact-based, fun and unprecedented history lesson in sound system culture. The positive feedback has been heartwhelming to say the least."

Entertainment and Media company Irish and Chin has been promoting, highlighting and preserving Jamaica's indigenous sound system and sound clash culture for more than 20 years. Event brands such as World Clash, Reeewind, Sound Fest Vibez in the Park and the Rumble Series, among others, have helped popularize the company. However, in recent years, their media platforms Sound Chat TV and Sound Chat Radio have grown, with the syndicated, Internet and New York based Sound Chat Radio talk show scoring as a favorite among listeners in the Caribbean diaspora.

If you weren't on the cruise, no worries. The Sound Chat App, slated to be launched in the coming months for both Android and Apple devices, will feature the long awaited new season of Sound Chat TV exclusively. In the meantime, if you want to catch up on classic episodes, visit: Irish and Chin Entertainment You Tube Channel: Follow @irishandchin on all social media for updates.



Maxi Priest shares lots of fun facts and history on sound system culture’s impact on his career during new episode of Irish and Chin’s Sound Chat TV

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