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Aidonia's Manager Issues An Official Statement On His Son Khalif's Death.

The Jamaican entertainment industry was in mourning over the weekend after it was revealed that Khalif Lawrence, the son of dancehall star Aidonia and his wife Kimberly, had died.

Khalif, the couple's only child, died on Saturday at a hospital after a lengthy illness. He was only nine years old when he died.

Amid a frenzy of speculation and an outpouring of support from the entertainment industry. On Tuesday morning, 4th Genna Music issued an official statement addressing the situation, which reads:

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Khalif Lawrence, the beloved son of dancehall star Aidonia and his wife, Kimberly.

Battling an undisclosed illness for a protracted period, Khalif passed away on Saturday (December 3) while undergoing treatment at an overseas medical facility. He was in the company of his parents throughout his final moments.

During this period of bereavement, the Lawrence family respectfully ask that members of the media, entertainment industry and general public exercise regard for their privacy as they struggle to come to terms with the unfortunate event.

We thank you all for the kind words and consolation during this challenging period.

-Lavarcam ‘Lav’ Lawrence (Brother and Manager – Aidonia/4th Genna Music).


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