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Christopher Ellis Set to Embark on his ‘Rub A Dub’ Japan Tour

Christopher Ellis

New York, New York, February 1, 2024.  The highly acclaimed reggae artist, Christopher Ellis, is thrilled to announce his upcoming ‘Rub A Dub’ Japan Tour. Known for his magical singing and his connection to reggae legend Alton Ellis, Christopher Ellis is set to captivate audiences across Japan with his signature style and unforgettable performances.

During the tour, Christopher Ellis will be performing some of his biggest hits, including chart-toppers like “Still Go A Dance,” “Rub A Dub,” “Here We Are,” and “Stick Together”. Fans can expect a high-energy show that blends reggae, rocksteady, and soulful melodies, creating an experience that is both uplifting and engaging.

Christopher Ellis comes from a rich musical heritage, being the son of King of Rocksteady, Alton Ellis. His father's influence can be seen not only in Christopher's music but also in the recognition his family has received in the industry. Jennifer Lopez recently sampled Alton Ellis' 1967 hit "Still in Love" in her newly released single, "Can't Get Enough," showcasing the timeless appeal of his music.

The ‘Rub A Dub’ Japan Tour will kick off on March 16 in Kagoshima and will continue through various cities, including Okayama, Osaka, Fukuoka, Chiba, Hiroshima, Tokyo, Okinawa, Ibaraki, and Yokohama. With a diverse range of locations, fans from all over Japan will have the opportunity to experience Christopher Ellis' incredible talent.

"I am incredibly excited to return to Japan, it’s been a while," said Christopher Ellis. "The country's deep appreciation for reggae music and its vibrant music scene make it the perfect place to connect with my fans. I can't wait to share my music and energy with everyone."


March 16 - Kagoshima

March 17 – Okayama

March 19 – Osaka

March 20 – Fukuoka

March 23 – Chiba

March 24 – Hiroshima

March 26 – Tokyo

March 29 – Okinawa

March 30 – Ibaraki

March 31 - Kanagawa 


About Christopher Ellis:

Christopher Ellis is an acclaimed reggae artist known for his soulful vocals and his connection to his father, King of Rocksteady Alton Ellis. With hits like "Still Go A Dance," "Rub A Dub," and "Here We Are," Christopher Ellis has established himself as a staple in the reggae music scene. His music draws on a blend of reggae, rocksteady, and soul, creating a unique sound that resonates with audiences worldwide.


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