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Dancehall artiste Stacious wins Jamaica Festival Song Competition

Stacious wins Jamaica Festival Song Competition
Stacious wins Jamaica Festival Song Competition

On Thursday night, dancehall artiste Stacious, who entered with the song "Jamaican Spirit," walked away with the trophy and a $3 million cash prize.

She won from a field of 12 finalists in a hotly contested event held at Kingston's National Indoor Sports Centre. This year, there were over 200 entrants.

DB came in second with his song 'Love Jamaica My Land,' and also won Best Performer for his energetic performance of the song, while Tamo J, an emerging dancehall artiste, came in third with his song 'Talk.'

Stacious is the fourth female winner, following Abby Dallas, Chetenge, and Heather Grant, the first female winner.

The results show began with a performance by Dwight Richards, who rocked the National Indoor Sports Centre with Cherry Oh Baby and Land of My Birth, and was followed by 'Mr Festival' himself, an age-defying Roy Rayon. He turned up the heat with old favorites like Love Fever and Give Thanks and Praises, which sounded just as good as they did when they won the competition years ago.

I-Octane, and Fab 5, a legendary reggae and soca band, were among the finalists. Donovan Germain, chief judge of the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission, presided over the selection panel.

Christopher 'Johnny' Daley hosted the show, which was live streamed on the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission's website.


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