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Etana Rejects VP Records' Christmas Album Offer Amidst Ongoing Legal Dispute


Jamaican reggae singer Etana has rejected an offer from VP Records to record a single for their forthcoming Christmas album. The offer was made by VP Records' A&R, Richard Browne, in a letter to Etana's management. Browne acknowledged the existing strain between Etana and VP Records, but said he was hoping to put the past behind them and work together on the project.

In response, Etana candidly addressed the situation in the caption of her post, shedding light on her perspective. She wrote, "The post was deleted but here it is again. The slave master has sent the house slave to the field slave but the field slave cutlass stay sharpen. Shams for the record, I am Still in federal court with VP my fight with them is not in the past. We are still in court…" Her words revealed her ongoing legal battle with VP Records, highlighting the label's alleged attempts to undermine her rights.

Shams, a producer at VP Records, responded to Etana's post on Instagram, asserting that his initiative to approach her for the project was not influenced by higher management and was based solely on artistic appreciation.

@Shams_the_producer For the record, no one at VP was aware that I had contacted you to do this project. I acted on my own accord. We (the A&Rs at VP) will approach any artist who we feel will do a great job for any project we are working on. There’s never usually any directive from the head of the company. It’s all good though. I’ll take this one for the team. Still love and respect your talent and artistry. Never expected this kind of negative energy from “the strong one” though. 🙏🏽

Last December, a New York judge dismissed several claims out of the fourteen that Etana had filed against VP Records in a lawsuit revolving around breach of contract and copyright infringement. Despite this setback, the judge granted her the opportunity to amend her complaint. The core of the dispute revolves around four contracts, including a recording agreement and a songwriter agreement with VP and Greensleeves Publishing Ltd (GPL). Etana alleges that VP and GPL breached these agreements by failing to fulfill their obligations, including royalty payments.

VP Records has not yet responded to Etana's rejection of the offer.


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