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How to Make Money Selling Pictures of Your Feet

Selling feet pictures online may seem strange at first, but it can be a lucrative side hustle. People have been wondering how they can get a piece of the pie since the concept began trending on TikTok.

Selling feet pictures online can be done by following these steps:

  1. Choose a platform: Decide which platform you want to use to sell your pictures, such as social media, a dedicated website, or a content-selling platform like FeetFinder, OnlyFans, Stock Photo Sites or Patreon.

  2. Set up your account: Create an account and set up your profile, including the pricing for your pictures and any rules or restrictions you have.

  3. Take high-quality pictures: Take high-quality pictures of your feet in different poses and angles. You can use a smartphone or camera to take the pictures.

  4. Promote your content: Promote your pictures on social media or by reaching out to potential customers directly. You can also use hashtags to increase your visibility.

  5. Sell your pictures: Once customers express interest, you can negotiate the price and payment method, and then send the pictures. It's important to protect your privacy and not reveal personal information.

Remember to always stay safe and legal when selling pictures online, and be aware of any potential risks and scams.


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