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Jamaican Government Announces Establishment of $1 Billion Screen Fund to Boost Film and TV Industry

Jamaica's creative industry is set to receive a significant boost with the recent announcement of the establishment of a $1 billion Jamaica Screen Fund by the government. The Fund aims to support the growth of Jamaica's film, television, and animation industry by providing financing for the development and production of local content.

Finance and Public Service Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke revealed the establishment of the Fund during the 2023/24 Budget Debate, highlighting its potential to significantly contribute to Jamaica's economy and gross domestic product (GDP) growth. The initial amount of $500 million will be allocated for 2023/24, with the Fund being established in partnership with the Ministry of Industry, Investment, and Commerce.

The Jamaica Screen Fund's primary objective is to enable creatives to devote their time and effort to developing their projects to a level where they can receive financing. Additionally, the Fund will support the production of local films by providing a defined percentage of the production costs up to a maximum contribution. For foreign films shot in Jamaica, other percentages and thresholds will apply, subject to certain criteria being met.

The Jamaica Screen Fund's governance arrangements will be multi-stakeholder, with the Ministry of Industry, Investment, and Commerce taking responsibility for them. Portfolio Minister Senator Aubyn Hill will publish the rules of the Fund, along with guidance on how to access grants and financing, including the expected standards for writers, creatives, and production companies receiving support.

This initiative by the Jamaican government represents a significant opportunity for the creative industry in the country. The Fund's provision of financing for the development and production of local content will enable the industry to produce high-quality films, television shows, and animations that showcase Jamaica's rich cultural heritage to the world. Moreover, it will create jobs, increase foreign investment, and contribute to the country's overall economic growth.

The establishment of the Jamaica Screen Fund is a testament to the government's commitment to supporting the creative industry in Jamaica. The Fund's governance arrangements ensure that the resources will be allocated in a fair and transparent manner, supporting the development of the industry. The guidance on how to access grants and financing will also provide creatives with valuable information on how to take advantage of this significant opportunity.

In conclusion, the establishment of the Jamaica Screen Fund is a significant milestone for Jamaica's creative industry, providing a platform for the growth of the film, television, and animation sectors. The Fund's allocation of $1 billion demonstrates the government's recognition of the industry's potential to contribute significantly to the country's economy and cultural identity. It is now up to creatives to seize this opportunity and produce content that showcases the best of Jamaica's cultural heritage to the world.


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