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Konshens Earns First Silver Certification in the UK with "Bruk Off Yuh Back"


Jamaican dancehall artist Konshens has recently reached a significant milestone in his career as his popular 2016 hit, "Bruk Off Yuh Back," achieved Silver certification in the United Kingdom. The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) awarded the song a Brit Certified Silver Award, recognizing the impressive accomplishment of selling over 200,000 units in the UK. Konshens, who has previously earned certifications in other European countries, has now firmly established his presence in the British music market.

"Bruk Off Yuh Back" was born out of the creative vision of producer Christopher Birch from Birchill Records. In a recent interview with DancehallMag, Birch revealed how the track, recorded on his Moskato riddim, was first conceptualized. The infectious dancehall rhythm and catchy lyrics quickly captivated audiences, propelling Konshens into the international music scene.

Since its release, "Bruk Off Yuh Back" has garnered immense popularity and acclaim worldwide. The official music video, expertly directed by Dameon Gayle, has amassed over 169 million views on YouTube, showcasing the visual appeal and universal appeal of the track. Additionally, the song has garnered over 80 million plays on Spotify, solidifying its place as a dancehall anthem with a massive online presence.

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