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Lee "Scratch" Perry's Wife, Issues Statement Suggesting "Foul Play" in Singer's Death

Mireille Perry and Lee 'Scratch' Perry
Mireille Perry and Lee 'Scratch' Perry

Mireille Perry, the wife of Reggae legend Lee 'Scratch' Perry, issued a statement via his Instagram account implying foul play.

Mireille told fans that Perry was not ill before passing away on Sunday at the Noel Holmes Hospital in Lucea, Hanover. “I have no words for what had happen! Nobody was expecting something like that because he was not sick! Lee had so many plans that he was looking forward to. So many different projects, shows, art, designs, Community."

“I’m not allowed to give any details for the moment, but I could just say that Lucea hospital didn’t have anything to do with his tragic passing away or did something wrong,” she wrote.

“In the memory and honor of LEE SCRATCH PERRY, we’ll build his £$P community in the exact way that he dreamt about. He had a very clear picture how he wanted it to look.”

“So the plans for volunteering are still valid. I’m going to go through your messages as soon as I recover a little from the terrible shock. It will be me now who will post and let you know what’s going on,” she relayed, announcing that she would be taking over his social media accounts.

Perry died on Sunday morning (August 29) at the age of 85, reportedly from an illness, at the Western Jamaica hospital.


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