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Meet the Power Couple Battling It Out On The New Netflix Series "Designing Miami."

Married interior designers Eilyn and Ray Jimenez, stars of Designing Miami, the latest reality series on Netflix, don't let their marriage stand in the way of some friendly competition.

The new unscripted series, which premieres on September 21, will follow the pair as they remodel homes for high-end Miami clients.

CEM got a chance to talk to this power couple about the upcoming series, family life, and their relationship with each other.

Tell us about yourself

EILYN JIMENEZ: I am the founder and creative director of Sire Design, the internationally recognized and published Miami-based interior design studio, specializing in custom homes, high-rise condominiums, private estates, retail spaces, and luxury developments. I pride myself on my ability to deeply connect with our clients and precisely bring their visions to life.

As an interior design creative, I recognize that my role is to transform and re-purpose each space, breathing new life into every project we undertake. My design approach is deeply rooted in the modernist principles of design and architecture, leading me and my team to take an analytical approach to our interior work, while having an open-minded view of innovation. With an eye for unparalleled craftsmanship and through long-term collaborations with global artisans, my studio understands that highly detail-oriented designs are the sum of carefully curated ideas.

Since the studio’s inception in 2014, I have always emphasized the importance of creating highly distinct spaces with impeccable attention to detail. At its core, Sire Design is able to continually achieve excellence through collaborations with like-minded individuals, clients, and artisans who share the same admiration, respect, and passion for carefully curated designs.

RAYMOND JIMENEZ: My passion for diversified design was present from a young age, leading me to pursue and complete a degree Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design in 2010. Within a year of graduating from Miami International University of Art & Design (MIU), I founded and became co-owner of an interdisciplinary recognized interior design and architecture studio, RS3; where I explored, mastered, and nurtured my passion for high-end private residential and commercial design. I now hope to act as a creative agent of change, using my platforms to amplify the creative minority voice and beckon for racial equality. Motivated and inspired, I look to continue following my constant excitement for design by working and engaging with clients who seek a unique, thought-provoking, and timeless design. In doing so, I have and also look forward to continuing spearheading projects of many kinds, including retail, commercial, hospitality, and high-end private residential. This well-rounded knowledge and design experience makes for the perfect backbone of my latest chapter, RAYMOND NICOLAS, where I formally serve as founder and creative director.

How did you meet?

RAYMOND JIMENEZ: Right where you might expect two Miami designers to meet, at Art Basel!

What is it like to work with your spouse every day?

RAYMOND JIMENEZ: While we work together closely, we largely operate as individual firms with our own projects. This fosters a healthy competitive edge and pushes us to be better and better every day.

EILYN JIMENEZ: The best part about working in the same industry is that we understand the day-to-day and can offer each other unconditional support to manage it all.

What’s one thing you love about each other?

RAYMOND JIMENEZ: Eilyn (Jimenez) has always been my biggest supporter and cheerleader. She is my soulmate and best friend and I would not be where I am today without her.

EILYN JIMENEZ: I love Ray's ability to continually inspire me to be a better person and designer. He is truly my better half and going through this journey called life with him is a dream come true.

What are your different design styles?

EILYN: While I love to play with different styles, my designs tend to be more minimalist, and Ray takes a much more maximalist approach.


How do you work together as business partners given your different personalities?

EILYN: Actually, we operate Sire Design and RAYMOND NICOLAS completely independently of one another! We do collaborate on projects from time to time though. In these cases, our design philosophies really complement each other. We have different interpretations and approaches, but as designers, we have an understanding of what works well.

Tell us about your upcoming series, "Designing Miami."

EILYN: The show follows us as husband and wife and two of Miami’s competing designers. On September 21, the world will be able to follow us making South Florida chicer one house at a time. You will see how we work together as two separate design houses and a glimpse into how we juggle our clients, staff of young designers, our close-knit families, and our relationship with each other.

OFFICIAL NETFLIX SYNOPSIS: Miami's two hottest designers aren't just competitors -- they're also husband and wife. Eilyn and Ray Jimenez are making South Florida chicer one house at a time. She, with a minimalist aesthetic, and he with a more maximalist approach. Juggling the needs of their deep-pocketed clients, their staff of young designers, their close-knit families (some of whom are also contractors), and their relationship with each other isn't easy, but this talented, stylish duo manages to pull it off while always maintaining a healthy sense of humor.

How did this all come about in terms of getting the show on Netflix?

EILYN: I had done some TV work in the past and stayed in contact with an executive producer through Instagram. He saw that I was married to my competitor and was interested in pitching a show about our day-to-day lives. Long story short, a reel was created and pitched to Netflix, and here we are!

When does the series premiere?

RAYMOND: Wednesday, September 21. Be sure to watch it then! We cannot wait to share this behind-the-scenes look at our lives.

What did you enjoy most about doing the series?

EILYN: It was so special to be able to display the hard work that goes behind curating high-end interior design projects.

What did you least enjoy about doing the series?

RAYMOND: Only knowing that taping would eventually have to end! We had so much fun along the way.

Did doing the series have any impact on your relationship? (Was there something surprising you discovered about your spouse?)

EILYN: I think it brought us even more together, which I didn’t know was possible! We learned to lean on each other for support on this new adventure, something we already do within our professional realms.

What can viewers expect from season 1?

RAYMOND: The show gives viewers a behind-the-curtain look at the world of high-end design in the competitive Miami market. It’s a very different Miami than you may have seen in older traditional media!

EILYN: You will get to see the intricacies of us working as married competitors while juggling our own projects and businesses, plus the design of our home and our personal relationship as husband and wife. It’s deeply personal and real in this way!


What’s next within the next few months? Are you hoping for a second season of "Designing Miami"?

EILYN: Most definitely! Hoping for a second, third, fourth and so much more.

Where can readers connect with you?

RAYMOND: We are both super active on Instagram and would love for you to connect with us there! You can find me @raymondjnicolas and my team @raymondnicolasdesignhouse. Eilyn is @eilynjimenez_ and @siredesign.


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