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Musical Maverick Black Am I recruits Kabaka Pyramid for latest single “Jah In My Corner”

The native son of Nine Miles, Bull Bay, Black Am I, has collaborated with Bebble Rock’s lyrics deity Kabaka Pyramid for his latest single “Jah In My Corner. The two Ghetto Youths International camp members join forces on this fundamental rootsy instrumental, produced by Grammy award winner Damian ‘Jr Gong’ Marley. Released on Ghetto Youths International label "Jah In My Corner" is now available for streaming on all platforms.

Black Am I is known for his smooth yet strong vocals, which easily distinguishes him from the sea of musical talents in Jamaica. With hits such as “Modern Day Freedom”, “Samson Strength”, “King of Kings” and “The Edge”, Black Am I is not known to shy away from social commentary. The release of his EP in February of last year titled ‘Living Dread’, gave listeners a clearer sense of his talent and potential. The EP was well received and left audiences wanting more. Now the Bull Bay singer/DJ is back with another single to suit the increasing demand.

“Jah In My Corner” is a respite in these tough times for many who continue to struggle with the new normal around the world. This single’s sharp gripping lyrics are a high contrast to the smooth, rootsy vocals of Black Am I on the chorus. Using the great game of football as a metaphor, with Jah as the coach in their ballgame of life, these two cultural defenders are assured of their victory on the field. This single is a representation of the hard times, to the people who maintain with great resilience during rough times. Representing faith and confidence, “Jah In Control” highlights the victory, despite obstacles that appear to be insurmountable. Even in the face of overwhelming force, the song encourages ones to press on and never give up.

On the heels of the release of his most recent single “Spliff Haffi Burn”, Black Am I seeks to cement and maintain his space as a voice in music. A champion in his own rite, Black AM I continue his campaign to represent and speak for those without a voice. “Jah In My Corner” is meant to serve as a beacon of inspiration and a call to faith, daring listeners to hope and pray for a better day despite the grim outlook. With Kabaka Pyramid as a clear and accurate assist on this single, Black AM I aim for another hit track.


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