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Tabby Diamond, the Mighty Diamonds' lead singer, has been killed.

Tabby Diamond
Tabby Diamond

Two people were shot dead on McKinley Crescent in the St Andrew South Police Division, including reggae musician 'Tabby Diamond' of the famed band Mighty Diamonds. The drive-by shooting also injured three other people.

The artist, whose real name is Donald Orlando Shaw, 67, was among a group of people sitting on the road when they were attacked at 9:45 p.m.

Residents took them to the hospital, where Shaw and another guy were pronounced dead and three other people were admitted with gunshot wounds.

Fitzroy 'Bunny' Simpson and Lloyd 'Judge' Ferguson are the remaining members of The Mighty Diamonds, the musical trio, formed in 1969.

The Mighty Diamonds
The Mighty Diamonds

The Mighty Diamonds is known for hits such as Have Mercy, Pass the Kutchie, and I Need a Roof.


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