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Tobago Cultural Activist Rawle Titus Opposes Carnival Safe Zone Events

Rawle Titus
Rawle Titus

Rawle Titus, a veteran cultural activist, is profoundly disturbed about the government's intention to hold Carnival safe-zone events. He believes the initiative was hastily put together.

In a statement to Newsday, Mr. Titus said, “This eh no little child thing, inno. It calls for mature discussion.”

The Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and the Arts recently approved solely concert-style events throughout the Carnival season. Soca and calypso concerts, calypso tents, extempo and chutney competitions, steelband concerts, king and queen presentations, and Carnival theatre are examples of these.

Due to the potential of increased spread of the covid19 virus, no fetes or parties will be permitted.

The TT Promoters Association and other Carnival interest groups have strongly opposed the idea, claiming that it will have little influence on the events sector, which has been closed since the pandemic began two years ago. The judgment was also viewed as a "essential intervention for the governmental public relations machine" by the association.

Some Tobago Carnival stakeholders came out against the measure on Saturday, claiming that unvaccinated performers will be unable to earn any money during the season. Carnival will take place on February 28th and March 1st.

On Thursday, they'll meet with Tashia Burris, the Secretary of Tourism, Culture, Antiquities, and Transportation, to work out the details of the plan.

Carnival safe-zone events, according to Titus, one of Tobago's foremost authority on the island's culture, will not succeed.

“It is something I am not sure about in terms of whether it would work. I don’t know that there is the kind of discipline in the society, particularly at Carnival time.”

During events, he believes that people are unlikely to follow all public health requirements, including wearing masks.

“That (mask-wearing) is something that they (police) still charging people for almost on a daily basis. Then there is the social distancing when people are enjoying a Carnival show, I question that.”


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