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True Confession: Lost in the Grass is Greener

Dear CEM,

Drama with my Ex (OMG!)

Drama with my Ex (OMG!)

Need advice, Queens! Divorced my ex a year ago, but now we're and he's married! Major heart-eyes situation, but also major guilt trip. Is this a second chance or a messy flashback?

So, this crazy thing is happening with my ex, David. We divorced a year ago, all cool, you know, but then I see him recently, looking like a whole new man, seriously, where was this glow-up during our marriage? Anyway, he's married now, to this much younger woman, and of course, a tiny part of me went, "Ugh, maybe I wasn't enough?"

But here's the even crazier part, we started talking again, and well, now we're having this secret thing going on. The chemistry is insane, like re-living our honeymoon phase, but on steroids! Except, there's this giant guilt monster following me around. Here I am, the ex-wife, sneaking around with a married man, it feels like a bad reality TV show.

Help a girl out, CEM! Is this just a temporary thing because he's got a new wife, or could there be something real here? Maybe the grass really is greener on the other side, or maybe I'm just stuck in the past because of his younger missus. Feeling totally lost!

Confused Ex


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