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Charly Black Release Vibrant, Bold & Spirited Dancehall Album "No Excuses"

Charly Black Release Vibrant, Bold & Spirited Dancehall Album "No Excuses"

New York, NY February 24, 2023. Award winning, diamond selling Jamaican artist Charly Black has topped up his discography with a brand-new album titled ‘No Excuses’. This new album by the Trelawny native is consistent with his sound over the years, while being in many ways innovative in sound, flow, songwriting, and concept. The 15-track album released on February 24th is a curation of Black’s newest hit songs with an innovative twist. Distributed by ONErpm, ‘No Excuses’ highlights Charly’s growth.

“We are excited with the release of Charly Black’s new album ‘No Excuses’. His amazing star-studded collaborations aside, this album delivers Charly’s recognizable cadence and catchy lyrics, and will continue to further transcends and cement his place in dancehall history” says Malaika Lepine, ONErpm Caribbean Manager.

Charly Black’s massive stardom as an authentic dancehall artist is characterized by his remarkable ability to use traditional sounds and make them pop. His dominance in dancehall, performing for hundreds of thousands of people around the world, spreading the culture and the music, Charly Black is also recognized for his global appeal and constant hits, like Rich This Tear, Whine and Kotch, and Gyal You a Party Animal.

‘No Excuses’ features an exhilarating mix of songs from the high energy, celebratory party track Gyal Generals, with Sean Paul. The DJ Tropical assisted Want Me Fi Do with its infectious one drop beat, or More and More which features dancehall’s own five star general Bounty Killer, and even the titular No Excuses are great standouts that help to paint a small picture of the project. The lead single Confession features a subtle Spanish string influence mixed with a dancehall sound that provides the backdrop for Charlie Blacks to do what he does best. This track no doubt provides a great entry for Latin x markets where Charly’s hits like Party Animal are huge. This album even features a new acoustic version for the acclaimed viral hit, produced by Pop Style and TeamUnstoppable.


  1. iNtro

  2. Up Deh

  3. Gal Generals - (Featured Artist: Sean Paul)

  4. More and More - (Featured Artist: Bounty Killer)

  5. Dancehall Queen - (Featured Artist: Tekno)

  6. Could A Never

  7. Searching For - (Featured Artist: Richie Spice)

  8. No Excuses

  9. Feeling Sexy - (Featured Artist: Timeka Marshall)

  10. Bounce (UP) - (Featured Artist: Beenie Man)

  11. Short up Shorts

  12. Confession

  13. Me Alright

  14. Gyal You A Party Animal (Acoustic Version)

  15. Persuasion


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