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Dancehall Artiste Sean Paul has Joined the Pandora Billionaires Club

Sean Paul has joined the Pandora Billionaires Club
Sean Paul has joined the Pandora Billionaires Club

Known for his multiple chart-topping catalog hits, multi-award winning Dancehall artist Sean Paul has joined the Pandora Billionaires Club. The surprise presentation, held in Sean Paul’s hometown of Kingston, Jamaica was set to commemorate Sean’s 1.7 billion streams to date on the streaming platform. In addition, Sean will now be added to Pandora’s Pop Billionaires and R&B Billionaires stations.

“We are thrilled to formally welcome Sean Paul into the elite group of billion spinning artists on Pandora” states Diego Herrera, Senior Curator for Pandora. “Sean is the quintessential artist-endlessly creative, bound by no genres but also constantly striving to represent dancehall reggae music and his home of Jamaica. His dedication to his fans is mirrored by their love of his music, which in turn is reflected in his soaring numbers on our platform. We look forward to seeing more milestones achieved by this incredible artist and congratulate him on this recognition.”

The recent accolade comes right on the heels of Sean Paul recently released album ' Live N Livin, which is his first full length album released on his own label Dutty Rock Productions. Gearing up for the release of his next album Scorcher, there is no doubt Sean Paul will continue to reach new streaming milestones through the support of his fans and the continuity of putting out great music.

“Thank You Pandora for recognizing me on this great achievement and taking the time out to come to my hometown and present me with this great plaque” said Sean Paul. “To my fans, thank you we did it together and let’s continue to Scorch dem.”


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