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Elephant Man Set to Give Dancehall Fans a "Cool Reminder" of His Energy with Upcoming Album Release

Elephant Man, the vibrant entertainer and dancehall legend, is about to make a major comeback with the release of his new album, "Cool Reminder." Known for his high-energy performances, Elephant Man has been relatively quiet on the local entertainment scene in recent years, but he is poised to remind fans of his incredible talent and enduring popularity.

The eight-track set is being spearheaded by the accomplished production outfit NotNice Records and features a combination of authentic dancehall and party anthems. Elephant Man believes that the upcoming project is among his best work since emerging on the dancehall scene almost three decades ago, and it marks his first album release in seven years.

For those unfamiliar with Elephant Man, he is a prominent figure in the Jamaican entertainment industry and made his major label debut in late 2003 with "Good 2 Go." The album created a storm on the urban airwaves with the infectious hit "Pon di River." In 2008, his "Let's Get Physical" album appeared on the VP imprint in partnership with P. Diddy's Bad Boy Records. The album featured the single "Five-O" with Wyclef Jean, and also included appearances by Chris Brown and Busta Rhymes.

One of Elephant Man's most notable efforts was the 2011 album "Dance & Sweep! Adventures of the Energy God," which featured the Jamaican hit "Nuh Linga." The album was released on VP and showcased his talents as both a deejay and an entertainer.

Since then, Elephant Man has appeared on Major Lazer's album "Free the Universe" and has released several intermittent singles. He continues to tour worldwide, bringing his high-energy performances to fans around the globe.

With the release of "Cool Reminder," Elephant Man is poised to remind fans of his enduring popularity and incredible talent. The album promises to be a combination of authentic dancehall and party anthems, showcasing his ability to entertain and energize audiences. As one of the most prominent figures in the Jamaican entertainment industry, Elephant Man's comeback is sure to be a major event for dancehall fans around the world.


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