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Popcaan Announces Unruly Fest 2023 and Drops off Deluxe Version of "Great Is He" Album

Unruly Fest 2023
Unruly Fest 2023

Popcaan, has announced the return of his Unruly Fest music festival, which will take place in December this year after a hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The festival will be held in St. Thomas, the artist’s birthplace, and aims to promote the local economy while bringing tourists and locals together through music.

Popcaan first started Unruly Fest in 2018 and has since hosted successful events featuring international artists like Drake and Tory Lanez. The festival's upcoming St. Thomas edition comes after the artist took the festival to Europe in 2022, featuring dancehall and afrobeats artists on the island of Pag, Croatia.

Popcaan teased the festival's return on social media, sharing a poster with the words "Popcaan & Friends in Concert" at the bottom. He also announced the release of the deluxe version of his album "Great Is He," which features eight new tracks, including "Celebrate" featuring Black Sherif, "Bend It Over," "Millionz," "With You," "No Expectations," "Barbie Dolly," "Greatness," and "Light One."

The album's release comes just in time for Popcaan's Great Is He tour, scheduled to take place in Europe this summer. The tour kicks off on May 12 in Tilburg, Netherlands.

Popcaan's music continues to resonate with fans worldwide, with the artist gaining recognition for his unique sound that blends traditional Jamaican reggae and dancehall with contemporary beats. His contributions to music have earned him a place as one of Jamaica's most promising talents, with many predicting even greater things for the artist in the future.

As the world continues to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic, events like Unruly Fest provide much-needed entertainment for people while supporting local economies. Popcaan's efforts to promote St. Thomas and his community through music are commendable, and his success serves as an inspiration to other artists looking to give back to their communities through their art.


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