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Sizzla is "On A High," with a New Album Due Out on August 6th.

Sizzla "On A High" Cover

Sizzla Kalonji's upcoming album "On A High" will be released on August 6, Jamaica's Independence Day.

Known as the most commercially and critically successful contemporary reggae artists, with a prolific output. He has released over 80 albums, more than 20 of which have charted on Billboard.

The album is available for pre-order on all digital platforms, and Sizzla has so far released one track titled Crown on Your Head, the content of which revolves around being discerning in order to avoid being exploited and to continue striving towards one's goals.

The 12-track for Sizzla’s On a High album

  1. Day Of My Life

  2. How Long

  3. Thank U Jah

  4. Crown On Your Head

  5. Business

  6. Get My Love

  7. On A High

  8. System

  9. Puff

  10. Better Be Careful

  11. Nutten Good To Say

  12. Lady I Love U


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