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True Confession: A Forbidden Affair With a Hot "Sr." Pastor

True Confession: A Forbidden Affair With a Hot "Sr." Pastor

My husband and I have been married for four years now, and our life together had been blissful until tragedy struck. A year ago, my husband's mother passed away, leaving a void in our hearts. As if the pain of losing her wasn't enough, his 55-year-old father, who we'll call "John", came to stay with us for a month to seek solace in our presence.

At first, it seemed like the right and important thing to do. I mean, family should stick together when times get tough, right? But man, I had no clue that this choice would set off a crazy chain of events that would totally change everything for us.

Oh man, things got weird just a week after John arrived. So, one evening, my hubby was out playing dominoes with his friends, and I was home alone with his dad. I decided that I was going to make dinner and went to the kitchen. After about 20 minutes, guess who walks in? Yup, my father-in-law, all shirtless and sneaky. At first, I didn't even notice 'cause my back was turned when he entered.

Anyhow, he sat himself on a stool by the kitchen island while I got my meal prepped. And here's the crazy part: I caught myself checking him out in a totally lustful way. I know, I know, no excuse, so please don't judge me.

Then, he asks if I need help, and I nod like a fool. He gets up and comes right next to me. Suddenly, my knees go weak, and our eyes lock, and bam! It's like an unexpected spark ignited between us.

Now, I wish I could say I fought the temptation, turned away, and shut down this whole forbidden attraction. But nope, truth is, I couldn't resist the allure of that forbidden fruit. We both let desire take over, even though we knew it was so wrong, even though we knew it'd lead to nothing but heartache. It's a mess, and I'm not proud of it.

Our encounters didn't stop there. Even after John returned to his own home, I would find reasons to tell my husband why I needed to go visit John, like bringing him groceries, cleaning the house, you name it. It's like I couldn't stay away!

And now, here I am, burdened with the weight of my guilt and an unimaginable revelation. My beautiful two-year-old son, maybe the brother of my husband. Each time I look at my child I am reminded of his grandfather, who may also be his father. The thought makes my heart ache with regret and remorse.

It's been a year since we last hooked up because we both think what we were doing was wrong, and also because John is dating a church sister. BTW, did I mention that John is a Pastor

I am praying that my son is for my husband. as I don't want to torn my family apart.

A Lost Soul



"John", not real name.

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