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5 of the Best Beaches To Visit in Barbados

The thought of Barbados probably brings to mind palm trees and warm, salty air. Explore the best beaches to visit on your next Caribbean adventure.

You probably already recognize Barbados is known for its impeccable weather, gorgeous scenery, and white sand beaches. While there are beaches around the entire island, each coast has a different vibe. Whether you're looking for a new vacation spot or you've been to Barbados before and can’t wait to go back, you should check out five of the best beaches to visit in Barbados. Make your next vacation one to remember.

Crane Beach

Crane Beach is one of the most beautiful and pristine beaches on the island, and it's the perfect place to take your Caribbean vacation photos. Furthermore, the cliffs make this a unique location for exhilarating activities. Aside from being a gorgeous beach, this southeastern coast beach is an ideal spot for boogie boarding or surfing because of its dramatic waves.

Pro Tip

Visit Crane Beach at low tide for a more beautiful and full view—it's the perfect place to watch the sunrise or sunset.

Carlisle Bay Beaches

The Carlisle Bay Beaches consist of Brownes Beach, Pebble Beach, and Bayshore Beach—some of the most popular beaches to enjoy on the island. The best part is that these locations are approximately five minutes outside Bridgetown's downtown area. The sand is unbelievably soft, there are incredible amenities, and the waves are practically non-existent, making the Carlisle Bay Beaches the perfect place to take your entire family.

Bathsheba Bay Beach

Bathsheba Bay Beach is on the Atlantic side of the island. It's not unusual to see massive, scary waves on this beach, making it the best possible location for surfers—in fact, it's Barbados' top surfing destination. Aside from surfing, Bathsheba Bay Beach is a great location to take unique and rugged photographs.

Bottom Bay Beach

If you're looking for a peaceful, secluded place to visit on your vacation, consider spending some time at Bottom Bay Beach. With its cliffs and towering palm trees, you'll feel relaxed and hidden away from the rest of the island. Don't be surprised to find you have the entire beach to yourself; even if there are a few others around, you can still scope out your own private area to sunbathe.

Secret Tip

If you want to do some exploring, be sure to check out the cave inside the rock cliffs at the north end of the beach!

Cattlewash Beach

Cattlewash Beach is another secluded area perfect for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of busy tourist destinations. Many locals spend their time here when they need a break from the rest of the world. Because Cattlewash Beach is a relatively isolated location, it's the best spot to take a walk, clear your head, have a relaxing picnic, or take in the gorgeous scenery.

Knowing the best beaches to visit in Barbados and having a guide to the island's major regions are the best ways to ensure a successful, relaxing, and fulfilling vacation. No matter what you like to do on the beach, there's something for everyone on the island of Barbados.


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