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Frahcess One Targets Greatness in New Song

Recording artiste Frahcess One is speaking up for the young people who need a positive voice, in his latest track titled “Numb.” Produced by EYELEAFSOUND, the track was officially released on March 11, 2022.

“This is a song indicating that you have to make it in life, no matter the battles. It encourages you to be determined and aim for nothing less than greatness,” the artiste explained. With the track already resonating with many since its release, the artiste is hopeful for an even greater response over time.

“I have big expectations for this track because “Numb” is a very relatable song so I want it to spread all over to those who need to hear as well as those who can relate to it,” the artiste expressed. With the great performances of his most recent tracks, such as “Jungle” and “Resilience” performing quite well, this track is expected to be no less great, in terms of the reception to it.

“My new releases have been better and have been making a bigger impact lately. The feedback is plenty and a bit massive, plus ‘Numb’ has been trending on Audiomack since its release so it’s been a good look so far,” the artiste stated.

Hailing from Portmore, St. Catherine, Frahcess One has been in love with music for his entire life. With his extensively growing catalogue, the artiste has been on his journey to greatness through enticing songs that also promote realistic and inspirational topics. Prior to “Numb”, the artiste has released tracks such as “Powerful”,"Resilient" “Location”, “Focus”, “Technique” and “Intrigue.”

Expect more new music from Frahcess One in the near future, with quite a few new projects in the pipeline.

“I have a lot of new music in the works, an EP, some mixtapes and an album soon forward and will be released one after the other,” the artiste revealed. “Numb” is available for purchase and streaming on major digital platforms online.

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