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Ishawna and Ed Sheeran's 'Brace It ', Tops The Chart For Reggae

Ishawna and Ed Sheeran

Jamaican dancehall artist, Ishawna collaborated with Ed Sheeran on his new hit single "Brace It," which debuted last week at number one on the iChart for Top Reggae songs.

This is the duo's first collaboration, and it has been highly anticipated since Ed Sheeran's October 2021 interview, in which the 'Perfect' singer stated that he loves Ishawna's 'Equal Rights,' a remix of the UK artiste's hit single 'Shape Of You.'

The song "Brace It" gained popularity within 24 hours of its release. Ishawna expressed gratitude for the feedback and shared that this collaboration with Ed Sheeran was not expected when she released 'Equal Rights' four years ago, for which she later received Sheeran's approval.

“For me, this means so much, not just because it debuted at number one, but because it was made from the soul," Ishawna said.

“Things like this don’t happen every day," she continued, if someone told me four years ago I’d not just get clearance for Equal Rights from Ed Sheeran, I’d call them a liar, but to also have a song with him, I’d tell them No Way!”

Sheeran recently posted a video of himself dancing to 'Brace It,' inviting his fans and followers to "dance like him" to the upbeat and catchy tune.

Jamaicans want the music video for the hit song 'Brace It' to be shot on the island to match the song's vibe and cultural essence.

When asked if a video was on the way, Ishawna replied, “Good things come to those who wait … Nuh true?”

The song was produced by Cordel ‘Skatta’ Burrell, Donavon ‘Don Corleon’ Bennett, and Ishawna under her Legendary Records label.

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