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Skeng and Kraff Team Up for "Shottaz": A Gritty Dancehall Homage to the 2002 Crime Film

Skeng and Kraff Team Up for "Shottaz"

Jamaican dancehall artists Skeng and Kraff have recently teamed up for a new release titled "Shottaz," which pays homage to the 2002 crime film of the same name. The collaboration features the two artists delivering gritty gangster tales with their cruddy bars, set to a cold dancehall beat.

The music video, directed by videographer 'Now or Never,' features the two entertainers in movie-style visuals that recreate some of the most iconic scenes from the original Shottas film. Skeng plays the character of Wayne Smith, originally performed by Spragga Benz, while Kraff plays Biggs, originally performed by Ky-Mani Marley.

The film's plot revolves around two impoverished best friends living in a sketchy part of town among zinc and board shacks. They decide to plan a heist on a traveling merchandiser they discovered makes 'JA$100 grand a day.' With access to a firearm, the youngsters attack their victim at gunpoint and pull off the daring crime. The character of Detective Laing from the original Shottas film was played by the song's producer, Rowan Melhado of DropTop Records.

Skeng and Kraff exchange verses throughout the song, talking up hoards of gore and gunplay. The two artists go back to back with their cruddy bars to create a captivating and powerful dancehall track.

Fans of dancehall have been eagerly anticipating a collaboration between Skeng and Kraff, and they will not be disappointed with the result of this joint effort. The music video for "Shottaz" is a testament to the talents of both artists, with its stylish visuals and hard-hitting lyrics.

Take in the video for “Shottaz” below


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