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Skystar Gets Personal in his Latest Track “Again”


Recording artiste Skystar gets very personal in his newest release, “Again.” Produced by Canada-based producer Lethal Vybz, the track was officially released on August 6, 2021. It is featured on the 5th Galaxy Riddim.

“This is the most heartfelt song any and every artist can relate to. It depicts the harsh upcoming journey of every young artist who got turned away from lots of gatekeepers, even some of their own close friends who put them aside because they didn't believe in the artiste’s talent. Now that this artiste has gained the spotlight, they all want to act as if they played a part in getting the artiste through the gate,” the artiste explained about the song’s meaning.

The accompanying music video, which was released with the track, conveys the message through an opening skit, which showcases some of the challenges artistes face when it comes to getting the assistance and exposure they need. Since its release, the song has been well-received, as many have been able to resonate with the topic at hand.

“I just hope this song can heal all wounded young artistes and give them the motivation to never stop, never give up on their dreams, keep pushing forward. It only takes one song and it will be a glorious moment,” the artiste expressed.

Based in Canada, Skystar is a versatile artiste who is never afraid to step out of his comfort zone and take on new sounds. His last EP, the 2019 released “K20”, is one of his most notable projects, having done extremely well and charting on the iTunes Canada charts. With a catalogue that includes tracks such as “Rotate”, “Top Life” and “Picollo”, the artiste is a member of the Canadian Dancehall camp, Farrin Badniss.

“Farrin Badniss is me and I will always be a part of my camp which is the hottest Dancehall camp and the first in history that wasn't created in Jamaica. The Farrin Badniss team is doing extremely well; we are booked up for the year locally and internationally, except for Jamaica because of the whole restriction,” he expressed. In addition to upcoming performances, Skystar is also working on new music, including a new EP that is slated for release next year.

“Again” is available for purchase and streaming on major digital platforms online.


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