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The 12 Best Caribbean Islands to Visit in 2022

Whether you're seeking for adventure, gorgeous beaches, family fun, or a low-cost break, the Caribbean has a spot for you.

Here are the best Caribbean islands to visit.

St Lucia/ Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia's best assets: its quiet, breezy hillside hotels, where you can socialize to your heart's content while admiring some of the world's most magnificent views. Of course, if you want to go to the beach, there are plenty of possibilities, including the well-known Bay Gardens Beach Resort.


Grenada has a unique vitality that manages to offer the island both distinguished tranquility and boundless excitement. It can be found in every section of the island, from the busy beaches of Grand Anse Beach to the Grand Etang National Forest, cacao plantations, and, most recently, the new Renegade Rum project, a brave new endeavor to manufacture truly artisanal, terroir-driven rum with Grenada at the center.

St John, US Virgin Islands

While there are some lovely little boutique hotels like Estate Lindholm and the Cruz Bay Boutique Hotel, here the villas are the story, with stunning vistas and dramatic settings; and when you combine that with a deliciously quirky, creative, and warm community, you get an instantly intoxicating little island.

Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

It's always been one of the Caribbean's most luxurious escapes; now, visitors are discovering just how complete a destination Provo is, from the magnificent resorts on Grace Bay to the hip, sought-after sands of Long Bay; from marvelous local eateries like Da Conch Shack to gourmet food trucks like Cocovan; from world-class snorkeling to the best Caribbean golf course you've never heard of: the Provo Golf Club. Simply said, Providenciales has it all.


Antigua has been dubbed the finest honeymoon resort in the Caribbean, but the truth is that it is ideal for every type of Caribbean trip. Yes, Antigua and Barbuda have 365 beaches, but visitors come for the ambiance, the friendliness, the beach bars, the history, the rum punch, the traditional hotels and resorts, and the notion that you can always find your own place in the age of the epidemic.

Great Exuma, The Bahamas

The Exumas' magnificent cays are well-known, but the major "hub" of the archipelago has its own set of attractions, from Georgetown's ancient treasure (and its lovely Peace n' Plenty hotel and beach club) to a hard-to-beat assortment of beaches along the island's eastern coast. If you do decide to board a boat, instead of continuing north along the cays, hire a bonefishing guide and sail southwest to genuinely spectacular locations like White Ba's sandbars.


One Love! Jamaica is its own universe, complete with an outstanding portfolio of world-class resorts, spectacular, lively food, an endless soundtrack, and natural beauty ranging from rough jungles to sugar-sand beaches. It's a rare Caribbean resort where you can spend one weekend relaxing at a spa in the Blue Mountains and the next playing four world-class golf courses all within 10 minutes of each other. It's simple to get here, and even simpler to stay. That has never been more true.


Tiny, charming, and bright. Bonaire has evolved in recent years from a dive-focused hideaway to a lively, cosmopolitan holiday destination with a fun-loving personality. Bonaire is a lush, sophisticated, and energetic Caribbean resort, whether you're eating in Kralendijk, windsurfing in Lac Bay, or having a Michelin-level dinner at Brass Boer.

St Kitts and Nevis/Saint Kitts and Nevis

Visitors to this Eastern Caribbean twin-island resort discover a place rich in history and culture, as well as an ineffable charm. There's simply something about this place that is eternally calming, whether you're liming in the beach bars of Frigate Bay or enjoying a peaceful afternoon on Cockleshell Beach. It's all about ancient charm on Nevis, with centuries-old mountain inns and Hamilton pathways coexisting with rum-punch-filled beach bars.


From the northern shoreline under the shade of Mont Pelee to the glittering golden beaches of Le Diamant to the south, from the cultural hub of Fort de France to the rarefied Atlantic villas of Le Vauclin, it's an almost impossible to compare place. Martinique offers almost everything, and with the return of American Airlines, it's now easier than ever to get there from the United States.


It was always one of the most naturally gorgeous islands in the Caribbean, if not the most beautiful. What it lacked for years, until the arrival of Secret Bay around a decade ago, was any notable locations to stay. But that's no longer the case, whether you're staying at the new Kempinski to the north, the boutique Secret Bay villa resort, or eco-resorts like Jungle Bay and the trendy new Coulibri Ridge.

St Maarten /Saint Maarten

St Maarten, maybe the Caribbean's most cosmopolitan location, is a world unto itself, with people from almost every part of the globe living together; this makes for a culturally diverse, adventurous environment that always places a priority on having fun. And the island's hotel offering is better than ever: the Coral Beach Club for a rarefied, secluded hideaway; the Oyster Bay Beach Club for a typical beach-and-cocktail break; and La Samanna or the always-wonderful Grand Case Beach Club for the essence of the French side.


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