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Discovering the Best Boutique Hotels in the Caribbean

Best Boutique Hotels in the Caribbean

Discover the allure of the Caribbean through a collection of the region's best boutique hotels. Offering a unique blend of intimate ambiance, personalized service, and captivating design, these carefully curated havens invite you to experience the essence of Caribbean luxury and hospitality.

From stunning beachfront retreats to secluded rainforest hideaways, each boutique hotel on our list promises a distinctive and unforgettable stay in paradise. Embark on a journey of indulgence and relaxation as we unveil the best boutique hotels the Caribbean has to offer.

  1. The Landings Resort & Spa (Saint Lucia): A luxurious waterfront resort offering spacious suites, a private marina, and breathtaking ocean views.

  2. Rockhouse Hotel (Jamaica): Nestled on the cliffs of Negril, this eco-friendly boutique hotel features stylish rooms, an award-winning restaurant, and a serene spa.

  3. Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort (Aruba): An adults-only beachfront oasis known for its sustainability initiatives, white sandy beaches, and romantic ambiance.

  4. Cobblers Cove (Barbados): A charming boutique hotel with colonial-style architecture, tranquil gardens, and a pristine beachfront setting.

  5. Secret Bay (Dominica): Situated amidst lush rainforest and overlooking the Caribbean Sea, this secluded retreat offers luxurious villas and a focus on sustainable luxury.

  6. The Fleming Villa (Jamaica): Formerly Ian Fleming's private residence, this elegant villa in Oracabessa is filled with history and offers stunning views of the Caribbean Sea.

  7. The House by Elegant Hotels (Barbados): An intimate adults-only hotel featuring personalized service, a beachfront location, and luxurious accommodations.

  8. Hotel Mockingbird Hill (Jamaica): A boutique eco-hotel set in a tranquil garden, offering a sustainable and serene getaway in Port Antonio.

  9. Nisbet Plantation Beach Club (Nevis): This historic plantation-turned-hotel offers charming cottages, an idyllic beachfront location, and attentive service.

  10. Hotel Christopher (St. Barthélemy): A stylish retreat in the French Caribbean, known for its modern design, infinity pool, and stunning views of the Caribbean Sea.


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