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Spiced Cranberry Mule Recipe

As the snow gently blankets the world in a serene hush and the aroma of holiday feasts fills the air, there's no better way to usher in the magic of Christmas Eve than with a delectable and festive cocktail. Presenting the "Spiced Cranberry Mule," a spirited concoction that marries the warmth of seasonal spices with the tartness of cranberries and the effervescence of ginger beer. This Christmas, elevate your celebration with a sip of merriment that captures the essence of the season. Join us in crafting a drink that not only dazzles the taste buds but also adds an extra sparkle to your holiday soirée. Get ready to clink glasses, share laughter, and savor the flavors of the season with this popular Christmas Eve cocktail. Here's to the joy, the togetherness, and the magic of Christmas!

Spiced Cranberry Mule Recipe:


  • 2 oz vodka

  • 1 oz cranberry juice

  • 1/2 oz fresh lime juice

  • 1/2 oz simple syrup

  • 4 oz ginger beer

  • Ice cubes

  • Fresh cranberries and rosemary sprig for garnish


  1. Prepare the Glass:

  • Fill a copper mug or glass with ice cubes. This will ensure your Spiced Cranberry Mule stays refreshingly chilled.

  1. Combine Ingredients:

  • In a shaker, mix vodka, cranberry juice, fresh lime juice, and simple syrup. Shake well to combine the flavors.

  1. Pour Over Ice:

  • Strain the mixture over the ice-filled glass, allowing the vibrant colors to cascade.

  1. Top with Ginger Beer:

  • Gently pour ginger beer over the mixture, creating a delightful effervescence.

  1. Garnish:

  • Drop a handful of fresh cranberries into the drink for a burst of festive flavor.

  • Add a rosemary sprig for a touch of aromatic elegance.

  1. Stir and Enjoy:

  • Give your Spiced Cranberry Mule a gentle stir to blend the flavors. Then, raise your glass to the holiday spirit and take a sip of Christmas joy.

  1. Share the Cheers:

  • Serve this delightful cocktail to friends and family, spreading the warmth and merriment of the season.

With its festive colors and a harmonious blend of flavors, the Spiced Cranberry Mule is sure to become a cherished addition to your Christmas Eve traditions. Cheers to a joyful and flavorful holiday celebration!


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